Online Quran Certified Male / Female Tutors

MJ Online Quran Academy offers online Quran classes in UAE from Pakistan for kids and adults. We provide online male and female certified tutors to teach Quran in UAE. Our online Quran classes are very convenient as we provide individual classes. The classes are schedule as per the convenient of students so that it is easy for everyone to manage time easily.

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Basic Quran Reading Lessons … For such people the best alternative is to acquire the services of online Quran tutors and Online Quran classes with expert tutors for kids and adults who want to learn Quran online with tajweed in UAE, Quran Memorization, & Quran translation with Tafseer

Request a Free Demo Class in English, Urdu or Hindi

Starting online Quran classes with us is very simple. Simply contact us via Whatsapp and request one day free demo class. We will connect you with one of our certified tutor who will schedule demo class as per your convenient time. In order to contact us, please click or tap the below “Whatsapp” button and our representative will give you instant response on whatsaap.

Online Quran Classes for Tajweed, Tafseer and Hifz

Our male and female tutors are certified Huffaaz and Muallim. We offer online classes for Quran recitation (Tajweed), Quran translation and explanation (Turjuma & Tafseer) and Quran Memorization (Hifz). We have variety of tutors to offer Quran classes in many different languages. These languages mainly include; English, Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi, Pashto etc.

ONLINE QURAN CLASSES IN DUBAI with Tajweed recitation(NAZRA) & memorization(HIFZ) FREE DEMO CLASS from Pakistan in Urdu/English with Expert tutor Online

How we conduct Quran classes online

MJ Online Quran Academy believes in providing quality education. We provide only certified tutors. Moreover, we provide special training to our tutors to conduct online classes effectively and efficiently. Classes are usually conducted via Zoom or Skype with screen sharing feature.

Moreover, to attract the full attention of student, tutor shares the screen and highlights the lesson. Tutor interacts with student in very balanced manner which is not very much friendly nor very strictly. Specially if the student is a kid of very young age, it is difficult to keep the kid engaged in online class. But our tutors are trained to tackle all such behaviors.

Class Language

We understand the population of United Arab Emirates is very diversified. Therefore, for the people of UAE we have a separate team with multi lingual skills. They can deliver classes in English, Urdu, Hindi and in many different languages.

Why Online Quran Classes in UAE?

One may think why we need to go for online classes when we can hire a home Quran tutor in UAE. But with the span of time parents are now much aware of the fact that online classes are more consistent than of physical classes.

Furthermore, the rate of attendance in case of online classes is almost 100%. Because it is very convenient for both student and the tutor. Moreover, they don’t waste time in travelling now and commit classes easily at the time and place of their convenience.

Who we are?

MJ Online Quran Academy is an online academy that is operated by the “MJ Online Home Tutor Academy“. The academy also successfully provides home and online tutoring services in different cities of Pakistan. Moreover, we have our different teams for different cities of Pakistan such as Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Lahore etc.

Is our service limited to one country or region ?

MJ Online Quran Academy not only provide online Quran classes in UAE or in any specific region but we have our students all over the world. MJ Online Quran Academy provides online tutoring services in almost every region and country of the world.