About Us

Our Vision

MJ ONLINE HOME TUTOR ACADEMY’s vision is to facilitate everyone with easy education. Everyone should have access to the education easily. We have created a wonderful structure to reach everyone to provide education according to their requirements.

MJ ONLINE HOME TUTOR ACADEMY is aiming to provide quality education for everyone. The main idea is to arrange educational facilities reachable for everyone at their place and on their desirable time. The academy structure is designed with consideration of our objectives, to reach everyone and facilitate them with education. We have a huge qualified team; they are ready to visit your home every day to educate your children for great results and successful
future. On the other hand we have a team for online tutoring service as well for those how are unable to take classes at their home but need help in their studies and assignments.

Previously it was very difficult to get advanced level education at home or online. The digital connection has resolved this problem, otherwise, in past, when technology was not this readily available to everyone, most people were unable to reach experts located in distant areas or different countries of the world. As the education systems all over the world being more and more complex, students require more specialized tutors for specific subjects and online
tutoring is the only option to overcome this scarcity. It makes the experts from distant locations available for the students in need. Before online tutoring was common for only typical subjects but now it is being used for almost every sort of education because of its reliability and great advantages such as time and costs saving at the end of both tutors and the students.

How our Team works

We are engaged with thousands of students and helping them to build confidence and produce remarkable results in their educational fields. We are focusing to encourage students to focus on their studies and give more attention where they are still weak and unable to perform well. Our team is helping them to understand each subject and helping them by explaining with real examples for difficult topics.


MJ ONLINE HOME TUTOR ACADEMY is a platform where students can interact with tutor directly on daily basis at their home by using our Home tutoring service. If some students are unable to get home tutoring classes at home, we arrange online tutoring service for them so they can get education online with the help of online tutoring service. Some of the students only need help in assignment. For such students we have created a separate team to help them to complete their assignment with the help of our tutors’ educational expertise.


Home Tutor Service

In-home tutoring service is the source to get focus on education at home. By which student can do close interaction with the tutor and get 100% attention during tutoring sessions. Home tutoring service helps student to get additional help to focus on their educational needs. In schools, collages & universities students are unable to get full response to understand the
complete concepts & details during classes. Tutors are engaging students in their courses by repeating their topics and give them regular tests. That helps a lot to improve test results as well as final exams results of the students. As students gain confidence and great grip on their courses because they already practice everything during tutoring classes.

Online Tutor Service

Online Tutoring is the best solution when students are unable to get focus on their education at home. Online tutoring service allows students to get in touch with tutors directly with the digital service. The Online tutoring classes are easy to access when you are in remote areas and you need help in your studies. Our aim is to provide every single student to get quality education. The online Tutoring service is the best option when it comes to fulfill your educational needs with limited sources.

Assignment Help Service

Most of the time students are unable to solve assignment at their own and they need help and guidance to solve it within the time. But they are unable to get proper guidance to help them solving their assignments by their own. MJ ONLINE HOME TUTOR ACADEMY is ready to help them with professional team we have. It allow student to understand complete concept and submit quality assignment before the submission date.

We welcome parents to contact us directly to discuss anything which can help their children’s education. We always try to help every student in their education to feel their parents proud on their performance. MJ ONLINE HOME TUTOR ACADEMY is also aiming to give students some additional skills for that we are offering some free courses for the skill development of our students.

Our Skill Development Team



MJ ONLINE HOME TUTOR ACADEMY is also focusing in skills development. We have a separate team to provide free courses for skills development. Currently we have started free Microsoft Excel course. This is free MS Excel course for everyone as we have divided this course in to three main sections basic MS Excel course, the advanced Excel course and the professional Excel course. You can join it for free.