Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Following are the Frequently asked questions (FAQs) which will help you to understand us in much better way. We try to give you most relevant information about MJ ONLINE HOME TUTOR ACADEMY.

MJ Home Tutor

How Many Hours Of Tutoring Are Recommended?

If a student is already going school and have a tutor, so the most recommended time is one hour & maximum two hours. If student is not going school or any other educational organization so we recommend you have a Tutor for two to three hours depending on the needs and subjects.

Does Tutoring Improve Grades?

During tutoring student are engaged with their studies and review their course as well as tutor take test that’s helps students to prepare for final exams. Once the final exams came tutor revises all the important things to students and take test again. That’s really helpful to improve grades in final exams.

Is Tuition Necessary For Good Results?

For good results students’ needs more attention, more consideration and more educational engagement. In tuition class student get the changes of more engagement with their studies. As well as they can understand difficult topics because of closes attention during tuition classes. And weekly test also improve their practice to perform good in final exams which give good results.

How Long is A Tutoring Session?

The recommended tutoring session is 1 hour and maximum will be 2 hours depending on the subjects and course material and available days before exams. If sessions will to long student will not able to understand complete information and will to not perform too good.

What Skills Do Tutors Need?

Good tutors should know to interact with students. He has good confidence and creative mind which help to give good impact on students and parents. He should be dedicated with their job and always be on time.

Does A Tutor Really Help?

Tutoring help a lot to the students which boost their confidence and improve educational skills to perform well in their class as well as in final exams result. During tutoring class students get closes attention and teacher can understand where student need more consideration to guide student in detailed. This helps students for outstanding result.

Is A Private Tutor Worth It?

Getting home tutor is like a cherry on the cake as its help students to review all the things which they are learning in school or university. in school and university they are unable to get complete attention and something they unable to understand they never ask with the teacher but in tutoring class they ask questions resolve their quires and get confidence on every subject. This really boosts confidence level and they produce good results.

What Are The Duties of A Tutor?

  • Cover all the important topics where student need more attention
  • Help in homework where student can’t perform well give guidance.
  • Give additional education task so student can improve their skills.
  • Take pretest before the final test and final exams.
  • Understand the student educational needs and fulfill it.
  • Encourage Students for learning processes.

MJ Online Tutor

What is Virtual Classroom Teaching?

Virtual classroom teaching is live interaction between online tutor and the students with help of online video call software and application where student can participate in educational activities. It helps students to get education from home remotely.

Which Software is Used for Online Teaching?

WizIQ & Zoom are the best software for online teaching. Most of the schools and educational organization are using WizIQ for virtual classes to interact with students. Zoom is also popular for online training & classes. On Zoom software students and teachers are streaming live classes to fulfill education needs.

Does Online Tutoring Really Work?

The right answer is YES! Most of the students are unable to travel to attend the classes on daily basis. An online tutoring is the best way to attend the classes to fulfill education needs without wasting time in traveling on daily basis. Online tutoring is very effective one its come to give education maximum students without having a good space.

What Apps do teachers use & which app is best for online teaching?

Google introduce Google class room App. Google Class room app and web service can be used on PC and Laptop as well as on Android and ISO devices. Its allow you to do live streaming to conduct the online classes.

MJ Assignment Help Service

How to Apply For Assignment Help Service?

We have separate webpage where you need to mention about your Assignment requirements in the given form. Our team will check your details and we will respond you with the best possible solution.

How Much Time Needs to Complete One Assignment?

Every Assignment has different requirements. Some assignments done on a same day and some of them take few days. We always try to give you quality and faster service for your satisfaction.